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AIDS is a serious subject. It changed the sexual behavior of adolescents and adults in the last 15 years. Campaigns of prevention and the use of prophylactics have led to a more responsible sexual behavior and to the reduction of other sexual transmittable diseases. There exist, however, serious problems concerning the manipulative information campaigns, which are based on unscientific material. As observers, who analyze mainly the way of life of adolescents, of this phenomenon, which is doubtless of social interest, we want to put light into the following questions:

Where is the scientific proof that heterosexuals, not weakened by the abuse of drugs or medicaments, can be afflicted by this syndrome?

How has this disease been used to criminalize homosexuals or other minorities with sexual behavior judged as "deviate"?

In what dimensions has AIDS been used to modify the sexual behavior of young people in a "moral" way, which should be done, if at all, for reasons of conscience and not because of irrational fear?

How much unjustified fear has been spread out under the population, with results of phobias, an increase of hypochondriacs, the development of senses of guilt, ecc.?

How much money has been distracted from the research for other kinds of diseases even more devastating and concentrated on programs of research, that, since now, haven't lead to any definitive outcome?

Why are poisons like AZT, which is known to destroy the Immune System, given to healthy persons just because of the common but unproved assumption that HIV leads to AIDS?

  Why  more and more diseases, already known before the appearance of 'Aids' and having different causes, are included in Aids-defining diseases (at present 30)? Is it to keep statistics of Aids-cases high?

There exists a large movement of famous scientists, physicians, health workers, spokesmen for civil rights movement and protection of consumers who disagree with the official medical position and the pharmaceutical industry, who line their pockets with the fear of people of AIDS. Famous searchers lost their jobs after having scientifically claimed their suspicions, critical journalists have been censored, and dissident physicians oppressed, for not supporting the official position. Nevertheless, all their work is presented in the WWW, the only available free space. While searching for the most interesting sites we have been astonished by the quantity of censored scientific documentation we have found.

Why all this?

In these pages you can find evidence for the manipulation of data, the distortion of news, of abuse and censorship, which may help you to realize that the facts are different from the common opinion.

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