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Dr. Peter H. Duesberg

Born in 1936 in Germany, came to America in 1964.
Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. 
Merck Award, 1969; California Scientist of the Year Award, 1971; First Annual American Medical Centre Oncology Award, 1981; Outstanding Investigator Award National Institute of Health, 1986; Elected National Academy of Sciences, 1986; Wissenschaftspreis Hannover  (Award of Science), Germany, 1988.

Duesberg is a world-leading virologist and pioneer in mapping the genetic structure of retroviruses.
Given his long experience with retroviruses, Duesberg does not believe in the hypothesis that AIDS has a viral cause.  He interprets the various diseases labeled as AIDS as caused by the long-term use of psychoactive drugs or medication used to treat AIDS, such as AZT which harm the immune system.


"Safe sex and clean needles in themselves do nothing to halt the spread of AIDS, a view that incites apoplexy among AIDS workers. The screening of blood for HIV antibodies is itself a "toxic" practice,  because a positive outcome amounts to a psychological death sentence. The only way to prevent AIDS, is to educate people out of abusing drugs. "
Interview with Ch. Bremner, London Times, 1992


CAST OUT FOR AN AIDS HERESY Ch. Bremner interviews Duesberg 


Dr. Kary Mullis

Dr. Kary Mullis is the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction, and won the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1993.


"Human beings are full of retroviruses, we don't know if it is hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands. We've only recently started to look for them. But they've never killed anybody before. People have always survived retroviruses." 
Interview with C. Faber, Spin, 1992 

"PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV, and some of those people came down with symptoms of AIDS. But that doesn't begin even to answer the question, 'Does HIV cause it?'"
"The mystery of that damn virus, has been generated by the $2 billion a year they spend on it." 
Spin, 1992 

"Look at the oncogene people [...] Same stuff. Oncogenes don't have anything to do with cancer. Radiation probably doesn't have anything to do with stopping cancer. The drugs that we use on people - all those goddamn horrible poisons - they're no less toxic than AZT. And we are doing it to everybody."
Interview with C. Faber, Spin, 1992 

"There's very few of what I regard as real scientists who've paid any interest at all to this field. [...]
There were simply a lot of people who had nothing else to get grants for, and they could get grants real easily for this one"

"For somebody who is just HIV-positive, taking AZT would be the only thing really hurting them. "

"[...] the homosexuals ended up gathering pretty much all the viruses that the world had to offer. [...]
If [...] you want to get exposed to all of them, the way you do it is just try to be as close as possible to the largest number of people [...]. And that defines the homosexual community in the middle of the seventies in places like San Francisco and L.A. and New York and Amsterdam and wherever. "
Interview, Rethinking Aids, 1992 


AIDS; Words from the Front C. Faber interviews K. Mullis

Interview with K. Mullis, Rethinking AIDS


Dr. Stefan Lanka

Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German, is experienced in molecular biology, molecular genetics and marine biology.
He goes one step further than other AIDS-dissidents and explains why AIDS is not infectious and why HIV does not exist from an evolutionary point of view.


"[...] I quickly realized that reverse transcription is common to all forms of life, and in fact is the basis of all higher living. Later I learned that reverse transcription is a repair mechanism for chromosomal DNA. But the mainstream of molecular genetics [...] explained it by postulating the existence of retroviruses."

"Especially in HIV antibody testing, it is clear that the antibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. [...] only when you reach a very high level of antibodies -- much higher than in any other antibody testing -- are you considered to be "positive." This is a contradiction in terms because in other antibody tests, the lower your level of antibodies, the higher your risk for a symptomatic infection."

"I think it really started in the 1960's, when the retrovirologists were being supported by President Nixon in the "War on Cancer." This was the first time incredible amounts of money were poured into this kind of research."

"Polyphenols [vitamins] are nature's own protease inhibitors"
"Bovine cartilage or agar agar [...] are potent protease inhibitors as well. [...] The artificial protease inhibitors only help you for short periods. Then they intoxify the cells, because the artificial protease inhibitors cannot be digested."
Interview, Zenker's


Challenging both Mainstream and Alternative Aids Views  M. G. Conlan interviews St. Lanka

HIV; Reality or Artefact?


Dr. Joseph A. Sonnabend

Works as Physician in New York


"The acceptance as fact rather than hypothesis that the HIVs cause AIDS is responsible in great part for a number of grave consequences."

"The almost total commitment of resources to the study of the HIVs has left alternative etiologic hypotheses unexplored. Should the HIVs be proven not to be the cause of AIDS, we will have to go back to the beginning in our studies on the cause of this disease, and will have lost six years and countless lives."
Fact and Speculation about the cause of Aids


Fact and Speculation about the cause of Aids


Dr. Charles L. Geshekter

Professor of African history (California State University)


"[...] why do so many health professionals consider it useful or necessary to view the diseases of poverty in Africa as sexually contagious?"

"The serious consequences of claiming that millions of Africans are threatened by infectious AIDS makes it politically acceptable to use the continent as a laboratory for vaccine trials and the distribution of toxic drugs of disputed effectiveness like ddI and AZT.

"[...] a 1994 study on central Africa reported that the microbes responsible for tuberculosis and leprosy were so prevalent that over 70% of the HIV-positive test results there are false"

"While Western health leaders fixate on HIV, 52% of sub-Saharan Africans lack access to safe water, 62% lack proper sanitation, and an estimated 50 million pre-school children suffer from protein-calorie malnutrition."

"Indeed, the leading causes of immunodeficiency and the best predictors for clinical AIDS symptoms in Africa are impoverished living conditions, economic deprivation, and protein malnutrition, not extraordinary sexual behavior or antibodies against HIV, a virus that has proved difficult or impossible to isolate directly, even from AIDS patients."


REAPPRAISING AIDS IN AFRICA - Underdevelopment & Racial Stereotypes