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In this page you'll find links to articles and critical documents on biological-psychiatry. Biological-psychiatry's official theory describes psychological or personal problems as having a biological origin caused by genetic or chemical 'imbalances' to be corrected by drugs and other interventions like Electro-Convulsive Therapy [ECT] or insulin shock. These widely used but controversial methods in official medicine have been for many years amply invalidated, showing clearly that they are absolutely unscientific, that they tend to alienate patient's rights, are unable to solve the problems presented, are dangerous for one's health, and are submissive to pharmaceutical companies. The need for a drastic reduction in the power of the medical-chemical-industrial lobby is an important task to ensure that all people have the right to positive mental health, and to re-direct science's energies towards therapeutic practices which are focused upon the social and familial systems which are generating the personal suffering, instead of upon erroneous and misguided efforts to eliminate symptoms of social distress generated in individuals.


Psychiatry Kills - Documented Proof Psychiatric Drugs Shorten Life Span (Version 2.012by Shemuwel Antoine Moser [27.10.05]

Ward round- The psychiatric protection orderfor the "battered mental patient" [12.01.04]

A Day of Remembrance for People Labeled with Psychiatric Disabilities Forgotten in the Holocaust [29.12.02]

Neurology and Child neurology  by Fred A Baughman Jr. [15.05.02]

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Treating Behavioral Disorders in Children with Ritalin Ignores Evidence of Cancer Risks Warns  by Samuel S. Epstein [10.04.01]

Psychiatric diagnosis as a pseudo-specialist language 
by JOYCE AGNEW and Don BANNISTER [04.30.01]

DEA Report - The Hazards of Treating "Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder" with Methylphenidate (Ritalin) by Peter R. Breggin, M.D. and Ginger Ross Breggin [03.19.01]

History of the fraud of biological psychiatry  by F. Baughman [03.19.01]

Therapeutical Community Households Philadelphia Association [03.16.01]

Ritalin Kids: Prescription Drugs and Murder by Bruce Wiseman [03.16.01]

Behavioral Drugs Focus Of Debate In Colorado Schools by  Michael Janofsky [03.16.01]

Ritalin maker sued over girl's death [03.16.01]


Citizens Commission on Human Rights Criticizes Clinton Administration to Support Psychiatric Industry  [26.01.00]

Mental Health System Oppression as a STOP Sign on Liberation from Other Societal Oppressions by John Breeding, Ph.D. [10.12.99]

Abuses uncovered at Montreal 'asylum' by Ingrid Peritz [08.01.99]

Placebo Nation    by John Horgan  [08.01.99]

Famous psychiatrist L.R. Mosher resigns from the American Psychiatric Association in disgust [01.27.99]

Thomas Szasz receives the Rollo May Award for 1998 from the American Psychological Association [12.31.98]

Treating Mental Disorders A Neuroscientist Says No to Drugs by Joshua Rolnick [12.12.98]

Shock Treatment, Brain Damage, and Memory Loss: A Neurological Perspective by John M. Friedberg, M.D. [01.09.98]

Soliloquy or Psychosis? A Cultural Look at Schizophrenia by Michael B. Scher [12.15.97]

Psychiatrists are dreaming by Vincenzo Minissi [9.02.97]

The Future of Mental Health: Radical changes ahead by Fred Baughman Jr


Human Rights News

Mad Pride vs. Mass Media: Next MindFreedom Live Web Radio [10.09.09]

Unite for A Mad Pride Revolution in Mental Health [26.08.09]

"Alternatives in Mental Health" is Topic on Next MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Web Radio [06.08.09]
MindFreedom International Thanks President Obama for Support of UN Treaty on Disability and Human Rights [26.07.09]
Win Human Rights in Mental Health [22.06.09]
*TOMORROW* Saturday, 13 June 2009 Listen and call in live [12.06.09]
Article: "Minnesota mental health patient Ray Sandford forced into electro-shock therapy" [27.05.09]
Call-in Live and Free: May is "Protest the Mental Health System" Month on MindFreedom  Live Web Radio
US Senate Probe Discovers: Most NAMI Money is From Psychiatric Drug Industry [05.05.09]
Today, Friday, 1 May 2009: Successful Protest Held Inside Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda [01.05.09]
MindFreedom International Events [28.04.09]
Protest to Be Held in Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda to stop forced electroshock of Minnesota Resident.  [24.04.09]
Ray Sandford Declares "Guarded Victory" for MindFreedom Ray Campaign [15.04.09]
Tomorrow, 15 April 2009, is Ray Sandford's next scheduled  involuntary, outpatient, ongoing electroshock in Minnesota. [14.04.09]
Emergency message from David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International [13.04.09]

Peaceful Protest is Theme of Today's MindFreedom Live Free Web  [11.04.09]

Peaceful Protest is Theme of Next MindFreedom Live Web Radio - Free  [09.04.09]

Bloomberg News reports that US Senator Grassley sent a letter today to one of the largest mental health industry organizations, NAMI  [06.04.09]

Do *you* support a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system? [15.03.09]

Ray Sandford Gets Another Forced Outpatient Electroshock [04.03.09]

"Have a Heart - End Forced Electroshock" Call-in Show! [19.02.09]

News Release [19.02.09]

Ray Sandford Alert Update  [19.02.09]

Another involuntary outpatient "maintenance" electroshock for Ray Sandford [19.02.09]

The main weekly newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, USA published a brief article about how
psychiatrist Darrel A. Regier is a link between revising the "label bible" of psychiatry and the drug industry [13.01.09]
USA Officially Celebrates the Life of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.MLK called for "International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment" (IAACM) [28.01.08]
Today is the Birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK called for "Creative Maladjustment"! [28.01.08]




Mad Pride
A site about Mental Health System Survivors overcoming discrimination in the UK and all over the World

Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology

Authentic Informed Consent for Electroshock

The Psychiatric Tattler

Shocked! Home Page

I Must Be Mental!

David Oaks, co-coordinator Support Coalition International

American anti-psychiatry info - Pseudoscience, Psychobabble, and Psychology

English Anti-Psychiatry site

Psychological Activism

OE Human Radiation Experiments Home Page

Against Prozac - The decision in family’s lawsuit against Prozac rests with jury. The family blames the popular antidepressant for a murder-suicide.

Below is the time-line presented to the jury in the Forsyth v. Eli Lilly Trial. It was presented during closing arguments by the plaintiffs. It lists Lilly's internal documents. The plaintiffs allege that it shows that Lilly knew about Prozac-induced suicidality and violence (even before Prozac was approved for marketing in the United States) and that this was withheld from the public.
March 4, 1999 - Press Release - The Federal Court Jury in Forsyth v. Eli Lilly heard opening arguments today. The case involves the March 4, 1993, homicide/suicide of June Forsyth and Bill Forsyth, Sr. Bill Sr. had been taking Prozac for ten days when he killed his wife and himself. In arguments which lasted over one hour per side, the lawyers for each side gave their overview of the evidence. Forsyth counsel, Andy Vickery, gave the jury a lengthy chronology about the potential relationship between serotonin and suicide, and suggested that Prozac, which impacts on the body's serotonergic system, can cause a percentage of people to become violent or suicidal, that Lilly knew this, and that it failed to warn American physicians.

For detailed information concerning plaintiffs allegations against Eli Lilly see
On this page you will see a complaint for the Christian case which allegations against Eli Lilly are identical to those of the Forsyths'.



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