MindFreedom International News - 17 September 2008


MindFreedom Journal #49 a Big Hit - How to Get Extra Copies
MindFreedom Journal #50 Now in Preparation - You Can Send
Fundraising for Directory on Alternatives to Mental Health
Reaches Half-Way Point
A Few 2008 Events About Changing the Mental Health System
Mindfreedom Journal #49 now in preparation
Wow, people are telling us the new Fall issue of MindFreedom Journal
-- packed with news about a nonviolent revolution in the mental
health system -- is the best one yet. Small enough to come out more
frequently, but with news tidbits, stories, color photos, poetry.
Your issue should be in your hands if you are a current or recently-
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Mindfreedom Journal #50 now in preparation - Submit your item.
We are now accepting submissions and advertising for the next edition
of the MindFreedom Journal. If you have a personal story, a letter to
the editor, photo, or a report on your work for human rights in the
mental health system that you'd like to see in print, we welcome your
contribution! Just forward it to:
The MindFreedom Journal reaches thousands of people concerned with
human rights and alternatives in the mental health system. Our
readership includes psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers
and professionals, and human rights supporters. Advertising in the
journal helps to support MindFreedom's human rights work and gives
your ad unique exposure with an audience that is difficult to reach
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Alternatives directory fundraising reaches half-way point:
In 2008, MFI has been raising funds to create a searchable directory
of alternatives on the MindFreedom website. The goal of this
directory is to include individual practitioners and organizations
who have agreed to a set of principles consistent with the promotion
of human rights and empowerment.
The MindFreedom board has set a goal of raising $1,000.00 for the
directory, and we are now half-way to our goal. Thank you those who
have given.
Any new donation made to MindFreedom - even a membership or renewal
donation - can be put toward the directory by request. Simply include
a comment in the online form if you donate online, or write it into
the memo line if you are donating by check.
Calendar of events to change mental health system:
The calendar of events below, in the USA, Canada, India, and the UK
may be of interest to those who care about human rights and
alternatives in the mental health system.
[Some but not all events are organized by MindFreedom or sponsor
groups. Listing is not necessarily endorsement. The organizers are
solely responsible for their content. Date listed is start date. This
listing is not meant to be comprehensive. If your event is not yet
listed you may submit e-mail to news@mindfreedom.org ]
For more info and links for below events go to:
Malmo, Sweden
A series of panel discussions, workshops, and film showings with the
theme "Another Mad World Is Possible" are scheduled for September.
17-21 September 2008
Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
Freedom Center's Lucky 7 Psychosocial
To celebrate the honor of being recognized by Forbes, and its seven-
year anniversary, Freedom Center will host a special event to screen
the video at its 'Lucky 7 Psychosocial' party.
20 September 20 2008
Prague, Czech Republic
David W. Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International will present a
Special Lecture entitled "An urgent need for diologue about a "global
emergency" of human rights violations in mental health care" at the
WPA World Congress.
22 September 2008
Toronto, Canada
The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault presents Psychiatric
Survivor Pride Weekend, a celebration of psychiatric survivor
resistance and community empowerment. This year's Psychiatric
Survivor Pride marks CAPA's five year anniversary. It will feature
the first presentation of the CAPA Award for Lifetime Antipsychiatry
Activism, premiere film screenings, an art installation, and
discussion groups about psychiatric survivor community and resistance.
27-28 September 2008
London, England
The UK premiere of Heavy Load, the feature length documentary about
the band, will launch at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), in
London, with a special fundraising screening on 1st October, 2008,
followed by a gig ( + support) in aid of our Stay up Late campaign
(calling for flexible support for people with disabilities so they
can enjoy late night gigs and social events.)
1 October 2008
Austin, Texas, USA:
NARPA 2008 Conference - This year the NARPA conference will be held
at the University of Texas at Austin, and will feature speakers
Michael Perlin, Catherine Penney, and Susan Stefan, and others.
Watch for the MindFreedom table, and volunteer, join!
1-4 October 2008
Petition to us presidential candidates ends:
On October 5, 2008 MindFreedom International will deliver the
gathered signatures to the campaign headquarters of both Barack Obama
and John McCain. Help raise awareness about the over-drugging of
soldiers in the US Military and encourage the candidates to make this
an issue in their campaign by signing the petition, here:
Dallas, Texas, USA
The 11th International Conference for Philosophy and Mental Health
International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry will combine
invited and submitted papers and structured discussions on a range of
themes concerning the relation of psychiatry and human freedom.
6-8 October 2008
Tampa, Florida, USA:
International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry's
2008 conference - The ICSPP is a sponsor group of MindFreedom. This
is an excellent conference, especially to network dissident mental
health professionals critical of the current psychiatric system.
MindFreedom will have a Mad Market table with about 50 books, headed
by MindFreedom board and development director Al Galves. Talk to Al
about donations large and small!
10-12 October 2008
New Delhi, India
The National Alliance on Access to Justice for Persons living with a
Mental Illness [NAAJMI] is organizing a two day National consultation
on "Citizens' charter of Human rights for persons living with a
mental illness."
Bhargavi Davar, a MindFreedom member and activist in India with
sponsor group CAMH is very involved in this event.
10-11 October 2008
Buffalo, New York, USA:
Alternatives 2008 - Since the 1980's, the US federal government helps
fund a large conference of several hundred mental health consumers
and psychiatric survivors, many of whom are leading consumer-driven
projects such as support groups and drop-in centers.
29 October - 2 November 2008
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