MindFreedom International News - 21 November 2008


21 November 2008
The New York Times just reported that National Public Radio will
finally kick psychiatrist Fred Goodwin off the air after more than a
decade of his shows promoting the mental health system.
Because Congress discovered that Dr. Goodwin was one of many well
known psychiatrists who took huge pay offs from psychiatric drug
companies without disclosing it.
By coincidence, Dr. Goodwin was reassuring radio listeners of low
side effects of a drug on the very same day he received one of his
pay-offs from the drug's manufacturer.
To read more go to:
If that link does not work use this one:
MindFreedom David Oaks commented, "We're proud that MindFreedom
International has been speaking out about Dr. Fred Goodwin's
misbehavior since 1992 in Washington, D.C. during one of our many
national peaceful protests of the American Psychiatric Association.
Critics of Dr. Goodwin like courageous psychiatrist Peter Breggin,
who is seldom heard on NPR, have been vindicated."
In other coincidences:
* MindFreedom is re-starting its own popular Internet radio show.
Watch MindFreedom News for more details. E-mail guest suggestions to
* MindFreedom International Board of Directors unanimously voted to
support another of its peaceful protests of the American Psychiatric
Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco in May 2009.
With leadership from MFI's Youth Committee, this peaceful protest
will include 21st century media coverage: YouTube of protesters
bringing enormous replicas of psychiatric pills to the APA. Some
individuals are planning nonviolent civil disobedience. MFI is
encouraging people to plan peaceful protests and Mad Pride skits
wherever they are from May to July.
By the way, NPR had a red flag about the Goodwin scandal six months
ago, but did little.
NPR Ombudsperson Alicia C. Shepard claimed on 20 May 2008 that
disclosing that "The Infinite Mind" was independently produced from
NPR would be enough to address emerging questions about conflicts of
Please thank NPR for finally kicking off Fred Goodwin, and encourage
NPR to provide more coverage to critics of the mental health system.
Comment to NPR via a web form here:

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