MindFreedom International News - 14 February 2009


Happy Valentine's Day!
Today: "Have a Heart - End Forced Electroshock" Call-in Show!
Special Guest on MindFreedom Mad Pride Free Live Web Radio:
Mary Maddock of Cork, Ireland -- Electroshock survivor, author, and 
community organizer.
Today, Valentine's, Saturday, 14 February 2009, tune in anywhere on 
Earth for live free Internet radio with MindFreedom, and guest Mary 
Maddock, co-author of the book _Soul Survivor_. Mary is a MindFreedom 
International board member who survived forced electroshock.
You can call in live using either your computer or telephone. We'll 
have the latest news about the Ray Sandford campaign. Ray is 
receiving regular outpatient involuntary electroshock.
Ask the mental health industry to "have a heart"!
Host is psychiatric survivor community organizer David W. Oaks, 
director, MindFreedom International.
Time: 11 am Pacific USA, 2 pm Eastern USA, 7 pm [1900] London UTC/GMT
At that time go directly here to hear show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/davidwoaks  
Call-in Number:  (646) 595-2125
Are you crazy about freedom? Do you want a nonviolent revolution in 
mental health?
Let's hear from you! Build community with other activists for human 
rights and choice in mental health.
This live show is slated to be 90 minutes long.
More info on the MindFreedom Mad Pride Show, every Second Saturday:
To order Mary Maddock's book _Soul Survivor_ go to Mad Market:
More info on campaign to end Ray Sandford's forced electroshock:
  Action:Everyone! Urgent call for support for Mindfreedom International 
Especially because of world economic problems, it's important for 
*everyone* to support MindFreedom International today.
MindFreedom International has, for 23 years, been 100 percent 
independently funded by members, supporters and a few foundations, 
with zero funding from corporations and the mental health system.
Everyone: Join, donate or renew early to MindFreedom International now.
MindFreedom International is a nonprofit coalition united to win 
activist campaigns for human rights and alternatives in mental health.
Open to the public, most members identify themselves as individuals 
who have personally experienced human rights violations in the mental 
health system.
Benefits include MindFreedom Journal, special web and e-mail 
networking, discount on http://www.madmarket.org  purchases, 
MindFreedom Shield, member services office... and a nonviolent 
revolution in mental health.
Support voices for choices in mental health!
Mind Your Freedom, everyone, now!
Donate, join now or renew early here: http://www.mindfreedom.org/join-donate

DENDRITE is a public Internet alert system about human rights in psychiatry, sponsored by Support Coalition International, sending out notices to thousands of concerned people, many of whom take ACTION NOW!


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