MindFreedom International News - 04 March 2009


Ray Sandford Gets Another Forced Outpatient Electroshock Today
Ask President Obama to Stop US Funding of Forced Electroshock!
Protests in April and May!
Support MindFreedom Protest Fund
by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International
Ray Sandford was woken up early again this Wednesday morning, 4 March
2009, in his basement room in a small assisted group home north of
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
As has happened about 40 times before, Ray is escorted against his
will and under court order the 15 miles north to Mercy Hospital. He
is put under anesthesia, given another involuntary electroshock, and
sent home.
Ray is not a criminal.
Ray is not violent.
Ray's only offense is peacefully, clearly, repeatedly and reasonably
saying "no" to his electroshock.
Join MindFreedom in sending your personal message about Ray and an
out-of-control mental health system to President Barack Obama at:
Buzz Words vs. Reality
Today's "modern" mental health system has a lot of buzz words:
Transformation. Empowerment. Recovery. Human rights. Self-
determination. Alternatives. Peer-driven services. Trauma-informed care.
But here is the reality.
This morning, as happens about twice a month, Ray is getting another
involuntary, outpatient, maintenance electroshock over his objections.
President Obama announced he spends time each day at his desk reading
at least some letters from constituents. He needs to hear about the
USA mental health system, today. Show national and international
If everyone act, Ray may reach his personal attention. But no matter
what, your message is forwarded to federal agencies.
Because of you, the USA government can never say, "We never knew."
Let President Obama and the USA government know in your own words:
~~ Everyone -- including President Obama -- must speak out against
forced electroshock! Stand up for Ray!
~~ If you have personal experience with mental health care --
personally, as a mental health worker, or through a loved one -- let
him know. Your brief personal story is powerful!
~~ "More money" is not enough to change the mental health system:
What is your vision?
~~ There is a criminal waste of taxpayer money in mental health care
~~ Real change begins with what kinds of real choices we offer our
most powerless citizens.
~~ Forced electroshock is torture worse than waterboarding!
~~ Ask for a reply about his position on federally-funded involuntary
* * * Action! * * * Action! * * * Action! * * *
You can use an easy White House web form to write in just seconds!
For all contact info for President Obama including web, fax, comment
phone and postal mail, click here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
Extra actions: 
~~ If you have a moment, please also postal mail a copy of your
letter to the White House. Double your chances!
~~ Please also e-mail a copy of the text of your letter to
news@mindfreedom.org  for possible posting on the MindFreedom web
site, and to be sent to Ray.
No matter what, your comments may be read by others, and give Ray
As the President knows, community organizing works! Act now,
together, everyone, by the thousands!
~~ Please forward this alert on and off the Internet to all
supportive people, now.
April & May protests:
Ray's main request makes sense: Protest!
MindFreedom activists plan to go to Minnesota to join protests about
Ray Sandford at the end of April. You may speak out about Ray
wherever you are. Or join the MindFreedom protest in Minneapolis/St.
Paul. Or join ADAPT protesters who are protesting about choice and
all disabilities at the same time in Washington, D.C.
Groups are protesting electroshock in Toronto, Montreal, Ireland and
elsewhere in May. MindFreedom is protesting the American Psychiatric
Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Watch for details and
join us! If you can't, plan your own leafletting, vigil and/or
protests locally.
Who Profits From Ray's Forced Electroshock?
Lots of people, including the owner of Mercy Hospital, where Ray gets
forced shock. This is the enormous medical corporation based in
Minneapolis, Allina. MindFreedom's Gloria Gervais investigates
corruption charges against Allina here:
Ray on the Web:
Did you know there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" [FAQ] page about
the Ray Sandford campaign?
Have you wondered…
~~ Why Ray does not escape?
~~ What the system's "excuse" is for forcibly electroshocking him?
~~ What media coverage there has been?
~~ How you can write Ray and send your support?
To read Ray's FAQ, as well as a campaign blog, this alert with
photos, past alerts, and more, go through this gateway:
Talk live on MindFreedom web radio about President Obama's mental
health plans.
MindFreedom monthly live free web radio show on Saturday, 14 March
2009, will feature Judi Chamberlin and Dan Fisher.
Dan advised the Obama campaign on mental health. You can call in.
Host: MFI Director David Oaks. For more info click here:
Unite with others in the Ray Campaign:
To further participate in the MindFreedom campaign to support Ray,
current MindFreedom members are invited to get on the busy
MindFreedom "zapback" e-mail list about electroshock, click here:
Support Nonviolent Direct Action and Protest of Mental Health Abuse!
Support MindFreedom International Protest Fund
Donate, join or renew early now!
Independence, mutual support and strength in numbers are why
MindFreedom is one of the few groups in the world to break the
silence about existence of involuntary electroshock for over two
MindFreedom is the group that got the World Health Organization to
come out against all forced electroshock!
This people power is why Ray had somewhere to turn, when he asked his
local library to find human rights organizations! Take action.
Donate to the MindFreedom International Protest Fund here:
Need more reasons to give?
Celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year, MindFreedom International
is a 100 percent independent nonprofit united to win activist
campaigns for human rights and alternatives in mental health.
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every person give what he or she can.
Benefits include MindFreedom Journal, special web and e-mail
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MindFreedom Shield, member services office... and a nonviolent
revolution in mental health.
Support voices for choices in mental health!
Mind Your Freedom!
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Please forward this alert to all supportive people on and off the
Internet, now!

DENDRITE is a public Internet alert system about human rights in psychiatry, sponsored by Support Coalition International, sending out notices to thousands of concerned people, many of whom take ACTION NOW!


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