MindFreedom International News - 11 March 2009


Do *you* support a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system?
Then you may be interested in the below calendar of a few 2009 events 
throughout the world organized by MindFreedom International or MFI 
Sponsor Groups.
For more info and links for below events go to:
This Sat., 14 March 2009
MindFreedom Mad Pride Free Live Web Radio
Dan Fisher and Judi Chamberlin are guests on MindFreedom Live Free 
Web Radio
Time: 11 am Pacific USA, 2 pm Eastern USA, 6 pm [1800] London UTC/
GMT. 90 minutes.
You can listen and call in live to this "Second Saturday" free live 
Internet radio broadcast. MindFreedom executive director David Oaks 
will interview two special guests:
DAN FISHER, MD psychiatric survivor and psychiatrist, was one of two 
key advisors to Barack Obama's presidential campaign about mental 
health issues. Dan will talk about his goals for the mental health 
system under the Obama administration, and about his recent 
international organizing in Australia/New Zealand.
JUDI CHAMBERLIN is an historic leader in the movement led by mental 
health consumers and psychiatric survivors. Judi has publicly 
announced that because of severe health problems she is now in 
hospice with a life expectancy that is not very long. Judi will try 
to answer your questions on air, but if her health prohibits this we 
will play a specially-recorded message from Judi to you.
Dan, Judi and David all met in the "mad movement" in the 1970's in 
Massachusetts, and will also exchange a few stories about our roots.
To listen, call in live, or listen to archives, free:
16-20 March 2009
Kampala, Uganda
WNUSP General Assembly and World Conference
The third general assembly and conference of the World Network of 
Users and Survivors of Psychiatry will be held in Kampala, Uganda. 
MindFreedom members and liaisons from sponsor or affiliate groups are 
attending from Ghana, Kenya, UK, Ireland, India and more.
Wed., 25 March 2009
North of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
This is the next scheduled involuntary ongoing outpatient 
electroshock of Ray Sandford, who is now on an "every-three-weeks" 
schedule. ACTION reminder: Please e-mail your support for Ray to 
President Barack Obama at: 
Tues., 31 March 2009
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Opal Network: Where allies amplify the voice of mental health 
consumers and psychiatric survivors.
Guest speaker: RON UNGER, mental health counselor, on "Overcoming 
Obstacles to Full Recovery After Trauma." Ron is MindFreedom Lane 
County affiliate coordinator.
Wed., 1 April 2009
Eugene, Oregon, USA
"A Humorists Revenge on the Mental Health System," stand-up comedy by 
Howard Falk.
Humor and Changing the Mental Health System is the theme of the 74th 
monthly MindFreedom Lane County First Wednesday Roundtable.
Wed., 15 April 2009
North of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Your tax dollars at work: forcibly shocking Ray Sandford.
By coincidence, Ray Sandford is scheduled for another involuntary 
outpatient electroshock on USA Tax Day. The mental health system says 
it lacks funds? MindFreedom highlights the dozens of agencies and 
individuals in Minnesota wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars who 
are supposed to protect and help Ray.
Fri., 1 May to Sun., 3 May 2009
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - and wherever you live!
May Day for Ray!
Wherever you are, speak out, stand up, take action for Ray Sandford  
and to end forced electroshock. If you can, get to Minnesota to join 
MindFreedom director David W. Oaks, MFI board member/psychologist/
author Al Galves, and others who are flying in to Minneapolis/St. 
Paul for several days of protests, news conferences, rallies and 
strategy meetings to support Ray. To help on events, join MFI and get 
on the ZAPBACK e-mail list.
Sun., 10 May 2009
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Stop Shocking Our Mothers and Grandmothers!"
The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA) is organizing a 
protest that will take place in Toronto, next Mothers Day, May 10, 2009.
17-18 May 2009
San Francisco, California, USA - Moscone Center
Nonviolent Protest of American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco
When the American Psychiatric Association holds their large Annual 
Meeting in 2009 in San Francisco, once more MindFreedom International 
will be there to greet them with a nonviolent protest, this time 
complete with skits that will be YouTubed. [Also: Watch for details 
about a special all-day workshop by Ron Unger on Friday, 15 May in 
San Francisco. Your agency can send you to Ron's workshop, then stay 
for the protest!]
13 to 19 July 2009
Mad Pride Week!
Mad Pride events are again planned in Europe, Africa, North America 
and more. Hold your own Mad Pride event, small or large, wherever you 
are and let MFI know.
While you can hold Mad Pride events at any time, The City of Toronto 
in Ontario, Canada has proclaimed July 13 to 19 2009 as MAD Pride 
Week! Ruth Ruth of Friendly Spike Theater, who is chair of MFI 
International Mad Pride Committee, said MAD Pride Organizers in 
Toronto will be holding an exhibition, theater events, an Annual Bed 
Push Parade and more. Plannings meetings are every Friday afternoon 
at 3 pm from now until June.
9-12 September 2009
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
NARPA 2009 Annual Conference
The next conference of the National Association for Rights Protection 
and Advocacy (NARPA) which was a founding organization of the 
MindFreedom International coalition, and is a key legal advocacy 
annual meeting.
For more info:
9-10 October 2009
Syracuse, New York, USA
ICSPP 2009 Annual Conference
"Difficult Children and Families: Understanding Instead of Diagnosing 
and Evidence Based Interventions and Support Instead of Just 
Medications" is the theme of the next conference of the International 
Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, a key sponsor 
group of MFI that networks dissident mental health professionals. All 
are welcome.
For more info:
For more info and links for all above events go to:
If your organization is a Sponsor or Affiliate of MindFreedom 
International and your event is not listed you may submit e-mail to 
news@mindfreedom.org . Not yet a sponsor or affiliate? Become one now! 
Contact office@mindfreedom.org.
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