MindFreedom International News - 21 June 2009

Win Human Rights in Mental Health - please forward
BELOW: Six *Brief* News Alerts for a Nonviolent Revolution in Mental
Plus... Launch of MindFreedom Summer 2009 Support Drive.
1. TV Show looks for people off all psychiatric drugs
A national USA television show is seeking individuals with diagnoses such
as "schizophrenia" who have totally quit or are quitting all prescribed
psychiatric drugs, for a show on Mad Pride. For more info, click here:
2. Esmin Green Vigil
On Friday, 19 June, 2009, a vigil was held in memory of Esmin Green, who
died so publicly in a New York psychiatric waiting room one year ago, in
Brooklyn, NY. The vigil was by We the People, and co-sponsored by
MindFreedom International and other groups.
Meanwhile, investigators discovered falsified reports in a hospital
cover-up, and Esmin's family has won a $2 million settlement. For news on
this and more, click here:
3. "Human rights for all tour starts: PA, DC, MD, VA, IL
US Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry is holding a "Human
Rights for All Tour," co-sponsored by MindFreedom International and other
groups. Cities include Philadelphia, Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD;
Richmond, VA; Chicago, IL; and more:
4. Mindfreedom scientific advisory board
MindFreedom International has revived its MindFreedom Scientific
Advisory Board of psychiatrists and psychologists, see the news release:
5. Bitter? You think?
Incredibly, psychiatry is considering adding "bitterness" to its
enormous and growing list of psychiatric labels:
6. Australia forced shock
An Australian newspaper exposes the growing number of Australians
experiencing forced electroshock (also known as electroconvulsive
therapy), and the lack of legal advocacy:
 or use: http://tinyurl.com/australia-ect
Launch of Mindfreedom 2009 Summer support drive!
After a powerful Spring of protests and activism, MindFreedom welcomes in
Summer with an urgent drive for members, donations and renewals.
Please act today!
Join, renew, donate now, click here:
MindFreedom International is one of the few totally-independent
nonprofit organizations in the mental health advocacy field, with zero
funding from the mental health system, governments, drug companies or
That means your membership and donation are crucial to MindFreedom
International's campaigns for human rights alternatives.
Times are tough, making it even more important that each person give what
he or she can.
Your MindFreedom member benefits include
* MindFreedom Journal
* Special web and e-mail networking
* Discount on http://www.madmarket.org  purchases
* Staffed member-services office
* Affiliates, sponsor groups, networking
* MindFreedom Shield
* More than two decades of human rights victories
* Most importantly: You support a nonviolent revolution in mental health!
Please donate, join now or renew, now, click here:
Please forward this alert to all supportive people on and off the
Internet, now!

DENDRITE is a public Internet alert system about human rights in psychiatry, sponsored by Support Coalition International, sending out notices to thousands of concerned people, many of whom take ACTION NOW!


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