MindFreedom International News - 05 August 2009

Win Real Choices in Mental Health Care
"Alternatives in Mental Health" is Topic on Next MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Web Radio - Free
This Saturday, 8 August 2009, Matthew Morrissey will co-host a special
live free Internet call-in show on humane, empowering alternatives to the
conventional mental health system.
All three guests are actively involved in providing mental health
Jessica Arnella, Jayme Lynch, Lyle Murphy.
Co-host is MindFreedom's director and psychiatric survivor David W. Oaks.
How you may listen and call-in live from anywhere in the world to
MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Web Radio.
When: This Saturday, 8 August 2009
Start time for the live 90 minute show:
* USA: 11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern *
UTC/GMT: 6 pm [18:00] * London/Dublin: 7 pm [19:00] * Berlin: 8 pm
[20:00] * Auckland: 6 am
At that time, click here  to listen and call in Live (or click after the
show to hear archives):
Call-in number: (646) 595-2125.
No computer to listen in that day? No problem. You may use the call-in
number just to listen!
For photos of hosts and guests, go to the online news release here:
About the hosts and guests:
Co-Host -- Matthew Morrissey, MA, MFT...
... is a Board Member of MindFreedom and a licensed psychotherapist in
full time private practice in San Francisco, CA. He has maintained an
active role in the provision and promotion of alternatives to the medical
model for over a decade.
Matthew helped lead the launch last month of MindFreedom's Directory of
Alternatives, which is a geogrphically searchable list of providers who
have agreed to a list of key principles. You may read about here:
Guest -- Jessica Arnella, PhD...
... is a clinical psychologist in New York City who specializes in
treating people diagnosed with psychosis and bipolar disorder. Dr.
Arnella has worked in state and private hospitals, mental health
clinics and therapeutic communities, and is now in full-time private
Working independently has allowed Dr. Arenella to try to create more
respectful, comfortable and egalitarian treatment setting so as to
encourage clients to talk about their thoughts and feelings without
worrying that they will automatically be hospitalized or terminated from
Dr. Arenella is a board member for The International Society for the
Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses in the
USA (ISPS-US). Her web site: http://www.jesspsychologist.com
Guest -- Jayme Lynch...
...is the Director of the Peer Support and Wellness Center in Decatur,
Georgia, which is a peer-run respite alternative psychiatric
institutionalization. The Center also provides a 24/7 Warm Line and daily
Wellness Activities. The Peer Support and Wellness Center is a project of
the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, funded by the State of
Georgia. The website is http://www.gmhcn.org/wellnesscenter
Before accepting this position, Jayme had been a recipient of the
mental health system and Social Security Disability for 20 years.
Jayme had been on numerous psychiatric medications until she
discovered the value of using alternatives. She considers herself
fully recovered from any mental health issues she may have once had. Her
personal blog is at raynesworld.blogspot.com.
Guest -- Lyle Murphy...
... is founder and director of "Alternative to Med Center." He was
trained as a chiropractor with a special focus on Neurology. He is a
psychiatric survivor and provides an excellent example of what someone
can achieve when properly in balance. See his center's web site at
Co-Host -- MindFreedom director David W. Oaks, for bio and info see:
And You! Your live calls, questions, comments, are welcome!
Again, to listen live or hear archives later, click here:
And mark your calendar for every Second Saturday in 2009 for
MindFreedom Live Free Mad Pride Radio!
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