MindFreedom Alert - 25 August 2009

Unite for A Mad Pride Revolution in Mental Health
Tomorrow on ABC-TV National USA News Show Primetime:
 Mad Pride Debated!
Tomorrow, Tuesday night, 25 August 2009, ABC-TV has confirmed plans to air a segment on the global MAD PRIDE movement, including a number of groups in MindFreedom International, and an interview with David W. Oaks, Executive Director of MindFreedom International. 
The Mad Pride piece is slated to air on ABC-TV's national Primetime show at 10 pm ET and PT tomorrow in the USA, but check your local listings for the exact time.
You can read about the Mad Pride story on the ABC-TV web site, and add your comment now. There is already a lively debate on the ABC-TV web site, here:
MindFreedom International board of directors agree to communicate with ABC-TV on the project, fully realizing there are absolutely no guarantees on results, but choosing to take this risk anyway to break out of our "mad ghetto" and alert a greater diversity of the general public.  "As never before, the psychiatric industry is targeting the general population, especially in poor and developing countries," said David Oaks, who is currently speaking in Norway at a conference and protest sponsored by one of the oldest groups in the Mad Movement, "We Shall Overcome," founded in 1968. "It is time to warn the public, because it is now the public itself that is at greatest risk. A debate beats even more silence." Join the debate! 

 Please forward this news alert to all interested people on and off Internet. Call your friends and colleagues, and have a viewing party in your home tomorrow. And speak out -- in your local media, on the Internet, and on the ABC-TV web site. 

DENDRITE is a public Internet alert system about human rights in psychiatry, sponsored by Support Coalition International, sending out notices to thousands of concerned people, many of whom take ACTION NOW!


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