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Mad Pride vs. Mass Media: Next MindFreedom Live Web Radio - Free
*This* Saturday, 12 September 2009.
** Bonfire Madigan Shive, musician and psychiatric survivor featured on
ABC-TV show on Mad Pride.
** Ruth Ruth, psychiatric survivor theater leader from Toronto, chair of
MindFreedom Mad Pride Campaign.
** Ann Rider reports live from National Association for Rights
Protection and Advocacy 2009 conference in Phoenix, Arizona with
latest news.
Host: David W. Oaks, psychiatric survivor, also interviewed on ABC-TV
How to listen and call-in Live to:
MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Web Radio
When: This Saturday, 12 September 2009 -- 90 minutes.
* USA: 11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern *
UTC/GMT: 6 pm [18:00] * London/Dublin: 7 pm [19:00] * Berlin: 8 pm
[20:00] * New Zealand: 6 am
At that thime click here to listen and call-in Live (or click after the
show to hear archives):
Your live calls, questions, comments, are welcome!
Mad Pride vs. Mass Media
You've heard of Gay Pride? Make room for Mad Pride.
But it looks like big corporate media is getting a case of the nerves
about mad pride.
ABC-TV did a segment on Primetime Outsiders about Mad Pride on 25
August 2009, featuring an interview with activist Bonfire Madigan
Shive. Unfortunately, ABC-TV distorted the message about Mad Pride and --
like so much mass media -- luridly sensationalized violence by a few
people with psychiatric labels.
For an open letter to ABC-TV producer Ia Robinson from David Oaks,
click here: http://www.mindfreedom.org/mfi-blog
This Saturday's web radio show is your chance to talk back!
Listen in and speak out about Mad Pride, Mass Media, and Creating our own Media
through arts, music, theater, activism.
More info on guests:
** Bonfire Madgian Shive is a psychiatric survivor musician who speaks
out about Mad Pride, and has helped reach many people about the Icarus
Project. Madigan is also a visionary cellist, vocalist, composer,
performing artist, cmmunity activist and international touring musician
from the United States. See her web site here:
** Ruth Ruth is one of the leaders in Mad Pride activities in Toronto,
Canada. Images from their Mad Pride events -- including drumming,
banners, bed push -- made it onto the ABC-TV piece. Ruth Ruth is a
community theatre director with The Friendly Spike Theatre Band a
community theatre for psychiatric survivors and people with disabilities.
The Friendly Spike is celebrating their 20th anniversary! Ruth Ruth is a
part time disability studies student at Ryerson School of Disability
Studies. See info on Friendly Spike Theater here:
** Ann Rider is director of Recovery Empowerment Network in Phoenix,
Arizona. She helped organize this year's main annual conference of
advocates and activists to change the mental health system, the National
Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA). Directly at the
end of the conference, Ann reports live with the latest news. NARPA is a
founding sponsor of MindFreedom International. More info:
** The host is MindFreedom director David W. Oaks (lower right).
For bio see: http://www.mindfreedom.org/about-us/david-w-oaks
Again, to listen live or hear archives later, click here:
And mark your calendar for every Second Saturday in 2009 for
MindFreedom Live Free Mad Pride Radio!
For news alert on show with photos and live links:

DENDRITE is a public Internet alert system about human rights in psychiatry, sponsored by Support Coalition International, sending out notices to thousands of concerned people, many of whom take ACTION NOW!


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