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 Where you can find out more about Bateson's approach:

Carol Wilder's book ''Rigor and Imagination: Essays from the Legacy of Gregory Bateson'' (1981 with John H. Weakland) received the National Communication Association Book of the Year Award.  Some of her writings are available on-line - http://www.newschool.edu/mediastudies/faculty/wilder/index.html

Visit Mary Catherine Bateson's new web site at

See the Margaret Mead Centennial website at - www.mead2001.org The site includes online forums and discussion groups, as well as news items.
Also check out the Mead2001 Awards in Whole Earth - the idea is to honour groups that demonstrate effective action and community creativity for the new century. For more information see - www.wholeearthmag.com

'Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience'
This is an excellent philosophical site dealing with - among many other issues and authors - Gregory Bateson's concept of 'difference'.

The Pattern Which Connects: About G. Bateson

Whole Thinking: The Tangled Web

Global Vision Project - Gregory Bateson

The Tree of Life

Systemic University on the Net (SUN)

PANGARO Incorporated Home Page

EDI - Projects - Gregory Bateson Buildings

Mind Uploading Home Page

Epistemology, Consciousness & Constructivism

Kevin Kelly

Whole Earth Catalog

Old Bateson Research Project

Request for Help with the Bateson - Kees collaboration
From Jim Reidel: The American poet Weldon Kees worked with Gregory Bateson from 1951 to mid-1954, often with Jurgen Ruesch. The name of the first film on which Bateson and Kees collaborated is "Communication and Interaction in Three Families" - or, as Kees called it when he had spent too many hours at Langley-Porter: "A Meatball Named Expire." Wilma Lloyd, a child psychologist, also collaborated on the script. Kees dedicated a poem to Bateson called "The Clinic."

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