Gregory Bateson






Writing ‘dialogues’ called ‘Metalogues’ with his daughter, who in the end, after his death, had the task of putting together his various manuscripts for publication. In preparing the ‘Angels Fear’ manuscript she finally had a chance to put words in her father’s mouth as he had done with her. This she did by writing a series of ‘Metalogues’ for the book. She describes them like this -

"They are just as real - and just as fictional - as the metalogues Gregory wrote himself. seems important to emphasise that the father-daughter relationship continues to be a rather precise vehicle for issues that Gregory wanted to address because it functions as a reminder that the conversation is always moving between intellect and emotion, always dealing with relationship and communication, within and between systems.... I have also allowed myself near the end to emerge from the child role of the metalogues and to write in my own present voice." [p. 4, Angels Fear]




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