People outside the US are mobilizing in response to the US's breaking of the Kyoto Agreement.







 I pledge not to buy American until you resume America's climate obligations

If you feel able to avoid Starbucks, Californian chardonnay, United Airlines or whatever for the duration of America's greenhouse isolationism, please feel free to join me by adapting my appended e-mail, sending it to the  WhiteHouse'', 
and forwarding it to your own e-mail list asking them to do the same.

Dear President Bush,

I find your decision to renege on the Kyoto Protocol terrifying and incomprehensible. You say you are acting in the interests of the American people, but ultimately an unmitigated enhanced greenhouse effect will visit environmental, economic and social horror upon America just as it will other nations. You say the scientific underpinnings of global warming are weak, but you cannot be listening to the evidence from NASA and other great American scientific institutions.
Until the United States returns to the climate talks intent on fulfilling
its ratified commitment under the Climate Convention to stabilise atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, I will no longer buy American goods or services of any sort save those that directly or indirectly cut greenhouse gas emissions, or otherwise promote sustainable development. I will encourage all my family, friends and contacts to do the same. I do not make this pledge lightly. I have many American friends. I worry for them. It seems to me that they have a President who has declared a form of environmental war on the rest of the world.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Leggett



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