by R.D. Laing



One is inside

then outside what one has been inside

One feels empty

because there is nothing inside oneself

One tries to get inside oneself

that inside of the outside

that one was once inside

once one tries to get oneself inside what

one is outside:

to eat and to be eaten

to have the outside inside and to be

inside the outside


But this is not enough. One is trying to get

the inside of what one is outside inside, and to

get inside the outside. But one does not get

inside the outside by getting the outside inside


although one is full inside of the inside of the outside

one is on the outside of one’s own inside

and by getting inside the outside

one remains empty because

while one is on the inside

even the inside of the outside is outside

and inside oneself there is still nothing

There has never been anything else

and there never will be



I am doing it

the it I am doing is

the I that is doing it

the I that is doing it is

the it I am doing

it is doing the I that am doing it

I am being done by the it I am doing

it is doing it


One is afraid of

the self that is afraid of

the self that is afraid of

the self that is afraid

One may perhaps speak of reflections



Although innumerable beings have been led to Nirvana

no being has been led to Nirvana


Before one goes through the gate

one may not be aware there is a gate

one may think there is a gate to go through

and look a long time for it

without finding it

one may find it and

it may not open

If it opens one may be through it

As one goes through it

one sees that the gate one went through

was the self that went through it

no one went through a gate

there was no gate to go through

no one ever found a gate

no one ever realized there was never a gate



By those who know the discourse on dharmas

as like unto a raft

dharmas should be forsaken, still more so



Hearing that dharmas, and still more so, no-dharmas

should be forsaken

some are of the opinion that there is no gate

that is their opinion

there is no way of knowing except to go

through it





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