Mind - Anticipation and Chaos
by Mihai Nadin

Mihai Nadin has a broad background that integrates science and the humanities. He studied electronics, computer science, mathematics, and philosophy [especially logic and aesthetics]. He is currently engaged in pioneering work in the project SOPHIA-Digital Dissemination of Knowledge that unites various universities from all over the world. The homepage for his Program [ http://www.uni-wuppertal.de/FB5/code/ ] provides up-to-date information about him.

Minds as Configurations: Intelligence is Process

Levels of the mind

The critical mass

What is wrong with the paradigm of representation?

Coherence and integrity

Mind and brains

1. Synaptic development and learning

2. Self-organization

3. Experience

4. How do minds anticipate?

Mind and body

Self-similarity of minds

A direction for action

Minds, computers, and memory

1. Computers and representation

2. The uncomputable

3. Connectionism


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The Civilisation of Illiteracy  
Mihai Nadin's new book is called 'The Civilization of Illiteracy' , and is published by the Dresden University Press. ISBN 3-931-828-387
Mihai Nadin  

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