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There exists a very close connection between the activities of the human species and the natural environment in which we witness the occurence of these activities: to the degree that human intelligence is able to profoundly change Nature it has also created the conditions in which our cognitive activity has evolved. At the present moment in which the ecological crisis coincides with the collapse of human social values and of the certainties upon which are based industrial and post-industrial society - having extreme effects upon the individual and collective experience of living - all ecologists are obliged to evolve a precise and profound model of reflection and analysis upon the nature of the processes which accompany change, and which includes the analysis of subjects like ethology, epistemology, and the study of complex systems. In this web site the user will find bibliographical references, instruments of investigation and inquiry, articles and commentaries, and the addresses of other relevant web sites in Italy and abroad to which you can usefully refer.

This page makes the bridging connections from Ecology [as having to do with nature, the environment etc.] to Psychology [as the attempts to understand our human experiencing ]. In particular it focuses on the many different but interweaving themes which unite the five writers in the photographs above. Between them they represent the multiple disciplines of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Biology, Cybernetics, Anthropology, Mathematics, Social Sciences and more.

The threads which join them include their various efforts to create a new perspective on our human experience as a Wholeness. So here we focus on an Ecological-Psychological approach to the understanding of the human condition in all of its puzzling varieties. We may call this Eco-Psychology

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