ORGANISATION: Tau Group, Lennik

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: 't kruispunt vzw - Time out

T Kruispunt is an organisation which gives information and assistance/support concerning holidays and leisure time activities for people with a mental disability and for people in their environment. Throughout the working of the project the organisation tries to formulate an answer to different questions concerning their leisure time. One of these concrete project is Time Out. This non-profit organisation is actually active on a regional base and will strive in the future for more international cooperation. The aim of the Kruispunt is to build up a network in which requests and offers for free time activities and holidays for mentally disabled persons (a disadvantaged group) can be brought together and answered in an individualised way. Attention is paid to the triangle request (of the target group, their family, friends, ...), offers (coming from profit and non-profit organisations), and finally voluntary structure (for transport, child care, ...). These 3 elements support and assist the activities of the Kruispunt.
It is not the aim of Kruispunt to realise independently free time and holiday activities, but to direct mentally disabled persons towards existing projects and / or organisations. By doing this the Kruispunt discovers a lack for disabled persons of free time activities. The project is partially financed by the Flemish Community, by the target group and by sponsoring.

TASKS OF THE VOLUNTEER: Organisational activities: build up a network for child care, contact organisations who can offer free time and holiday opportunities for mentally disabled persons, help the disabled persons in finding a suitable answer to their needs, work out an efficient database to match the demands and offers, ...
Practical activities: integrate in the network of volunteers (organise transport for the disabled, assist them, help in the care centre for children, ...); develop and organise a training programme for the voluntary network.
As this project is very innovative also for the Kruispunt, there is no risk for job substition.

SUPPORT SYSTEM: technical: A cultural preparation will be provided, in combination with a language course. If necessary for performing the tasks, technical skills will be taught by the staff. These skills will be developed during the whole project.
personal: An explicit personal and individual supervision is foreseen on specially arranged moment. The volunteer will be followed-up by the supervisor. She/he has enough opportunities to work independently.
linguistic: a language course given by a recognised organisation (HFS).

ORGANISATION: Tau Group, Lennik


The Tau-group is an initiative of 9 services, which take care of persons with a mental disability. They have one common aim : offer qualitative and outstanding assistance, education and care to disabled persons.
The name "Tau" is the smallest letter from the Greek alfabet and symbolises the commitment to the most vulnerable people in society. The Tau-group wants to strive for a reciprocical practical and pragmatic cooperation on all relevant levels: Human Resources Management, training of the personnel, European relations, informatics, Ethical Assistance, concept development, ...
The Tau-group is composed out of : * Zonnelied vzw (activity home and day centre for adults) * Zonnestraal vzw (activity centre for adults) * Il Fioretto vzw (activity centre and meeting place).

Two services help in total 250 persons and have 210 staff members :

- Medisch Pedagogisch Instituut (MPI) Sint-Franciscus vzw, which exists out of * a boarding school for youngsters with a small or heavier mental handicap * a semi boarding school for schoolkids and youngsters with a handicap * a daycare centre for schoolkids * a family replacing house for work-able adults.

- Medisch Pedagogisch Instituut (MPI) Maria Hulp der Kristenen vzw. This institute offers the same services as the MPI Sint-Franciscus.
Both MPI's deal with 400 children and 360 staff members.

- 5 schools for disabled children (mentally) : * Buitengewoon Secundair Onderwijs Sint-Franciscus (Special High School) * Buitengewoon Basis Onderwijs Sint-Franciscus vzw (Special Elementary School) * Buitengewoon Lager Onderwijs Sint-Fransiscus vzw * Buitengewoon Secundair Onderwijs Sint-Mariadal vzw * Buitengewoon Kleuter en Lager Onderwijs Sint-Mariadal vzw. Ca. 640 children are attending these schools and 170 teachers are involved.

Il Fioretto has grown out of the Zonnestraal. It symbolises the reconciliation between tradition and innovation. As a service for adults with a mental disability the Zonnestraal orientates his care towards the future. This means : * living in small scale units with 5-6 persons, close to the safe presence of centralised and qualitative services * a meaningfull day programme with possibilities to personal development * consciousness integration of Zonnestraal in the community of Lennik * an intensive training programme for the staff . Il Fioretto is a meeting place with a modern seminar infrastructure, a restaurant and a cultural meeting place. Around 8 adults with a mental disability work in il Fioretto. This means for them an opportunity for integration and for labour appreciated in society.

TASKS OF THE VOLUNTEER: Il Fioretto would like to host a volunteer to help with the development of the centre and to assist the disabled persons. The volunteer should be a polyvalent person with feeling for the assistance of disabled persons. Following activities are proposed to the volunteer : * cooperate in the meeting centre * develop and implement a communication- and promotion strategy * assist and guide a team of mental disabled persons together with other young and dynamic people.

SUPPORT SYSTEM:The volunteer will be integrated in the team of Il Fioretto and will be supported by one of the staff members. Also the Tau-group is always there to guide the volunteer through his/her experience.

ORGANISATION: VIA vzw, Antwerpen

The East West Centre vzw

The East West Centre vzw is a training and information centre for natural/ecological way of living and macrobiotics. The East West centre wants to build a bridge between Eastern philosophy and Western ecology, between the wisdom of the North and the traditional knowledge of the South. In training, workshops, courses and holiday programmes the centre integrates diverse point of views and methods which can lead to a healther life and growing consciousness.
With this training centre we want to realise an educational residential centre which can give an ecological example for groups, families and individuals. We want to set up a few projects: biological vegetables - and herbs garden for self reliance, a permaculture project, waste prevention, recycling project, ... The centre can be hired by a group (with own cooking facilities or catering), but is also used for our own training courses by the East West centre. The volunteers have the possibility to participate in these courses. The East West Centre is financed by grants (The ministry), training contributions, subscription fees and members fees.

TASKS OF THE VOLUNTEER: Outside (garden/field): take care of the fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, herbs and educational garden. Sow, plant, collect the harvest, take care of the material, participation in concrete projects in the field (planting of trees, ...)
Inside: care of the buildings, decoration of the centre, develop macrobiotic cuisine. Promote the international dimension of the centre together with the coordinator, welcome foreign participants and trainers, ...)

SUPPORT SYSTEM: technical: The 2 practical staff members will cooperate closely with the volunteers. They will discuss the tasks and planning with the volunteers and guide the volunteers in their tasks.

A personal contact person of VIA will work on a confidential relationship with the volunteer and will mention, if necessary, problems to a third person. According to the nature of the problem, intervention will be done.
Luc De Cuyper, the coordinator, will be responsible for personal guidance by having regular evaluation moments and personal follow-up of the volunteers.
VIA will provide regular evaluation moments to discuss the learning process, integration, ...

A language course given by VIA; Luc De Cuyper will look after the linguistic aspect during the stay in the project.