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Dear Dr. von Glasersfeld,
I am writing to learn whether you have any information about research or
researchers who explore cognitive development in head injury survivors. I
have been married to a man for 20+ who experienced a closed head injury as
a teenager. Reading your work as a doctoral student now, along with
studying at the Ed. School at Harvard under E. Duckworth some time ago,
made me realize that there might research that is sensitive and related to
the development of cognitive operations in head injury survivors. More and
more I realize how my husband processes information. The most recent 'tip'
that I had from my husband about his experience of adapting to the world,
was when I read the tag line on his brochure for his local speaking
engagements..."You don't have to run, before you walk". Thank you for your
time, and consideration.
Sincerely, Janet, from Boston


Dear Janet,
I am sorry, but I cannot help you with your question. I have steered
clear of attempts to identify brain functions for cognitive operations,
largely because we have no viable model for either consciousness or
memory; and processes without reflection (i.e. conscious reviewing) do
not approach the level of understanding.
Please give my regards to Eleanor Duckworth.
Best wishes,
Ernst von Glasersfeld




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