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Dear Prof. Dr. von Glasersfeld,


I am writing a doctor thesis at the Vienna University of Business
Administration and Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). In this
context I am collection some details on your biography. As I could find
information on the following topics, I am wondering whether you could you
 be so kind and give me some details directly?
a) Birthday: I found only your year of birth (1917?) but not the
actual day. I know this is a very private detail, but could you be so
kind and state it to me?
b) Place of Birth: You were born in Munich (München). Is this correct?
c) Citizenship: You are an Austrian-American citizen. Is this correct?
d) Profession: You are a philosopher, communication scientist and psychotherapist. Is this
e) Greatest achievement: You are the originator (together with Heinz von Foerster?)
of the concept of Radical Constructivism. Is this correct?
I would like to thank you for your answers in advance.
Kind Regards,
Ralph Hemeier
BMW Group


Dear Mr. Hemeier,
a) Born in 1917, the day is nobody's business;
b) in Munich
c) born Austrian, turned into Czech when that country was created in
1918, US citizen since 1974;
d) psychologist with main interest in theory of knowledge and language;
e) coined the term Radical Constructivism for a theory of knowing modernized by Heinz von Foerster
and myself.

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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