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Dear Dr. Glaersfeld,
I am a Phd student and have used constructivism as a research paradigm for case studies. My examiners in the viva thought I had better used interpretivism rather than constructivism. How do you see any link between the two? Is interpretivism part of constructivism or vice versa? I had thought that  both are interrelated to some extent as have been argued by some researchers. For example according to Michael Crotty, Constructionism is an epistemology, while Interpretivism is a theoretical perspective within the constructionist epistemology.    (Crotty, Michael (1999).  The foundations of social research: Meaning and   perspective in the research process.  London: Sage.
Your views on this will enlighten me and perhaps many more. Many thanks
I look forward to receiving a response from you
Best wishes
Manager Training and Quality Assurance
Aga Khan University Examination Board
Banglow No 233/E 1 Line, Daudpotta Road
Behind hotel Mehran, Shahrah-e- Faisal

Dear Mr. Rehmani,

I am afraid I never really studied "interpretivism".  The bits I came across led me to believe that it sprang from  the hope that by approaching experience hermeneutically one could get closer to Reality. This is incompatible with radical constructivism,  because for RC  ontological reality is not accessible in any way.  I suppose your examiners do not like such a radical point of view. It may be wise to work on interpretivism and to bring out its contradictions.

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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