Ernst von Glasersfeld's answers
December 1999




From: Kenny Bailey
Subject: Radical constructivism and intraorganizational conflict

How are you professor von Glasserfeld. I am a student at UMass Boston and I am trying to see what systems theory/ radical constructivism has any thing to offer developing a more fruitful discussion of intra-organizational conflict analysis. Can you think of anything I should read or anyone I should talk to about systems theory and understanding intraorganizational conflict?


Dear Mr. Bailey,

I am afraid I am not the person to answer your question as anything to do with business is a closed book for me. Vincent Kenny, who generously devotes his time to the maintenance of this website, has great experience in consulting with corporations and will be able to give you useful information. I can add only that friends of mine in Basel (Switzerland) are busily preparing a system + software that is to be used in teaching and training of organization members. You can find out about their work from Marco Bettoni
I hope these indications will be of some help to you.

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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