| Von Glasersfeld's answers - February 2006  |


Dear Professor von Glasersfeld,


My Name Is Dvir, and I'm a 3 Year Psychology Student from Israel.
What Would Be Your Definition of 'Psychopathology'?
Would You Define it as 'Normative Adaptation to an Abnormal
Surroundings (meaning Family)'?
Thank You and Best Regards
Dear Mr. Dvir,
As far as I can see, psychopathology is a collective term for emotional
reactions that are damaging to the person herself or others.
Psychotherapy, in contrast to behavior modification, tries to diffuse the
causes of the undesirable reactions.
My constructivist model concerns cognition, that is the rational part of
the mind. Consequently it can enter into psychotherapy as a means only to
demonstrate to a person the non-viability of her ideas. This does not
necessarily sever the their links to undesirable emotions; I think, this
is what Freud aptly called "die Klebrigkeit der Libido", the stickiness
of libido.

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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