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Dear Prof. Glasersfeld,
Thank you for your answer, it helped us a lot!
I’m sorry, but I forgot to mention in my first
request that "Neo" in the Movie "The Matrix",
the person who saw these numbers and letters
scrolling down (I sent you the scene it is all
about with this email), for the other human
beings is a "god-like" person (in the movie he a
few times is called "the chosen" or "the saver").
I read in chapter 2 of "Einführung in den
radikalen Konstruktivismus" a hint, where it is
mentiont that Vico said, that just god knows the
objective truth, because he constructed it.
I know wanted to know if at this point of view
our comparison with "The Matrix" is "more right" than you first thought?
Thanks for your answers!
Andrew Schwarzinger
Dear Mr, Schwarzinger,
Yes, If Neo is a supernatural entity, he may know what the world is like.
But if he talks to people and they to him, we are in fairyland, There is
no shred of evidence that a supernatural entity has an interest in
humans and, although many of them pray, there is no indication whatever,
that someone is listening. That part of "Matrix" would have to be taken
as an irreducible metaphor - like Plato's story of the cave.
Best wishes
Ernst von Glasersfeld




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