| Von Glasersfeld's answers - May 2004  |



From: Nan Kemp
Subject: Radical Constructivism and media

Dear Prof. Glasersfeld
How does the explosion of media in our environment affect cognition?
Also, what effect does media have on shared reality?


Dear Nan,

The short answer to your first question is: the onslaught of the media makes for the elimination of differences in individual thinking and ideas, especially in the younger victims. I have not dealt specifically with this problem. Prof.Dr. Siegfried Schmidt (University of Münster, <sjs3811@uni-muenster.de>) has and i suggest you ask him for one of his books in a language you read.

My reaction to your second question is implied by my first answer: individual realities become more uniform - but they are never shared in the sense that yours and others' are the same. It is always you who constructs what you believe to be another's reality.

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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