| Von Glasersfeld's answers - November 2005  |


Dear Prof. von Glasersfeld,
How is constructivism related to the practice of teaching and learning.
Especially how will I use theory of constructivism with hearing impaired
Christine Brathwaite


Dear Ms Brathwaite,
I do not think that the principles of teaching and learning have to be
changed when dealing with hearing impaired students. The problem there is
to establish a channel of communication. From the constructivist point of
view, this problem should be approached the way all problems of teaching
are approached. i.e. by creating situations in which the student has the
opportunity to jump to a conclusion that is viable with respect to what
the teacher intends.
A full exposition of my ideas you can find in my book "Radical
constructivism: A way of knowing and learning"; see my website

Best wishes,

Ernst von Glasersfeld



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