OIKOS is working since 1979 in collaboration with international volunteers to organize work camps and mid-term volunteer opportunities in Italy. Since we have done a lot of experience in the field of hosting and working with volunteers we have understood that the main value is to collect different persons with different experience and from different social backgrounds, but with a shared idea of spending their time in participating a collective project.





People between the age of 18 and 35 years can volunteer in Oikos.
The travel costs are carried by the volunteers
There is no participation fee for the volunteers.
OIKOS offers the volunteers accomodation and food in change of 18 hours work a week.
People can volunteer in OIKOS between one and three months.



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LOCALITY :Oikos' headquarter is placed in a suburb of Rome, called Spinaceto. This is the place where the volunteers and the permanent staff are living.

ACTIVITY: Volunteers will be engaged mainly in hort culture and general maintenance such as coating, cleaning or building. The volunteers will be also involved in activities in a parc nearby the residence, fullfilling there tasks such as planting trees or weeding. Moreover the volunteers will be needed to bear a hand in the kitchen. Depending on the volunteers' abilities and the organisation's needing, volunteers can also be engaged in working in the office. Volunteers have to agree to work 18 h a week with a flexible timetable. Two days of the week are off.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Oikos is providing typical Italien food, dinner is prepared together, breakfast and lunch has to be prepared by the volunteer himself. In case of allergies, the avoid of a certain type of food, Oikos has to be informed before the volunteers' incoming.

CONDITIONS: Volunteers have to be between 18-35 years old and in good health conditions.

WHAT TO BRING: Volunteers should  be motivated to work, having a healthy curiosity and a capacity to listen and learn. Moreover, a certain sense of responsibility and the ability of an autonomous way of life are required.

Our principal object as an organisation is to encourage incultural exchange by working together, aspiring that every volunteer, as an autonomous part of the community, finds his personal role in daily life.


 If you want to participate,  please send  your application (including a motivation letter and Curriculum vitae with a foto showing the full person) to volontariato@oikos.org