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 Italian language & culture





OIKOS association works since 1979 in collaboration with international volunteers to organize workcamps and mid-term  opportunities of volunteering in Italy. Since we have done a lot of experiences in the field of hosting and collaboration with volunteers, we have understood that the main value is to collect people with different experiences and social backgrounds, that would share the idea and the interest in a collective project.

In this perspective, we encourage the acquisition of intercultural communication skills and cultural knowledge of all participants in the project. According our opinion, the promotion of Italian language & culture is a way to offer young people the opportunity to interact with people of our country and know something about their culture.



 OIKOS association organizes language stages with room and board. The stage is based on first and second level of Italian language and lasts a week (see the following timetable). The group size is from 2 up to 6 participants (if possible we intend to keep a gender balance).

The participation fee is 150,00 Euro (for our volunteers in Rome is 50,00 Euros, for all the information on volunteering programs check HERE) and includes 18 hours of language lessons with the italian teacher, room and board.


 ~ Italian language & culture ~

10.04 - 16.04.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture
15.05 - 22.05.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture
19.06 - 25.06.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture
10.07 - 16.07.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture
31.08 - 06.08.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture
21.08 - 27.08.2017 Rome (italy) Stage: Italian language & culture

LOCALITY: The stage takes place in Oikos' headquarter located in Rome, Spinaceto (Via Paolo Renzi 55). Lessons take place in the same building of accomodation, the Oikos Hostel. Spinaceto is a well-served quartier, full of markets where you can find italian products for good prices, and surrounded by green areas. It's possible to reach the city center in about half an hour with public transport.

SCHEDULE: The stage begins with a first day class of 2h, then, the participants have lessons for 3h for day during the next 4 days, having half of the day free. In the last 2 days, lessons last only 2h, in order to leave the possibility to practice the language in life experience.
At the end, there's a common meeting to receive feedbacks.

PROGRAMM: The Italian language & culture stage has two main aims: the acquisition of linguistic and communication skills and their practice in the local cultural dimension.

The language course aim is both to give begineers a basic knowledge and to improve the linguistic knowledge of participants with precognition. Considering the various background of participants, we structure lessons and activities depending on the particular needs and interests of each one, that would be explained during the application. For this reason, the detailed programm, with the kind of activities, tasks and grammar elements, would be communicated after the application.

It's important to understand that our work is developped in the frame of an international volunteering association, accostumed to respect and pay attention  to the group dimension, so we have always a collaborative and dynamic approach. With this spirit, we don't make any exam or certification; we just check knowledge and needs of everyone in order to satisfy the whole group. We want to create a multi-level group where everyone has a "role" and tasks commesurate to his/her skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to allow participants to live one week in Italy practicing everday the communication skills they acquired. To pursue this goal, the course is focused on everyday situations in which every foreigner could be. We indicate below an indicative plan which will be follow in the programm:


Ciao, come ti chiami? Noi e l'Ostello Oikos Know each others and know the host structure
Buongiorno! Dov' il bagno? SALUTI Know how to approach people and ask informations
Dov'? Quanto costa? IL MERCATO Know how to ask and get informations
Un biglietto, per favore. AL COLOSSEO Know how to have a tour in Rome
Vorrei una pizza margherita, per favore. AL RISTORANTE Know where to eat and how to order
Cosa andiamo a vedere? AL CINEMA Learn something about italian cinema
Dov' l'imbarco? ALL'AEROPORTO Know how to travel in Italy

For leisure time Oikos offers a list with information about the most interesting sites in Rome.
We give also the chance to organise cultural tours and excursions in Rome with the teacher, and other cultural activities such as cinema or collective reading.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The partcipants are hosted in shared rooms.
The daily meals of typical Italian food is included.

CONDITIONS: The participants have to be aged between 18-30 years old and can come from all around the world.

For the partecipation, write an e- mail (in English or French) with a photo and your name, gender, age, nationality and period of  participation to or


The contribute (300,00 Euro) can be payed by bank tranfer:

Name of the Bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena Ag 15; via della Musica 2, 00128 Roma  Bank number (ABI): U-01030  Number of the branch office (CAP): 03215  Account number: 14042.46  Account holder: Associazione OIKOS  Code IBAN: IT 10 I 01030 03215 000001404246  BIC SWIFT: PASCITM1R15